Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services is the latest as well as an innovative concept in the field of construction. This is completely a new concept that has bought a vast change in developing the buildings as well as its models.


Structural BIM

We are the company that is a bridge between the design and the fabrication stage. We assure, commit, and, ensure to deliver high-quality and efficient, effective structural BIM services to our clients globally. Our structural BIM engineers closely work with the clients and based on their need and requirement prepare the first set of the construction document so that post reviewing the details the further work can be taken into consideration. 

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We Bodhits have a team of highly skilled and trained drafters that assist and enable the clients to convert their 2D drawings/plans to architectural 3D modeling.  Our experienced team here utilizes their skills and efficiencies that helps them to speed up the process of architectural design and that is possible through 3D modeling. Our expertise is in the form adapting the newest forms and having hands fulls of practicing we gauge the exact requirements of the clients in as much depth as possible.

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BIM Consulting

We are the leading one-stop solution for delivering architectural BIM modeling services to our clients as per their needs and requirements. Our team of architects, engineers, construction professionals are very well aware of the different benefits that are associated with the BIM-based design process. It has been preferred on different sets of BIM platforms. We promise our clients to deliver the project in the most effective manner. 

Advantages And Benefits Of BIM

Now let us proceed further and have an understanding as to what are the advantages of BIM services, So, to share this information we have mentioned the details below.

  •   Better Collaboration and Communication
  •   Model-Based Cost Estimation
  •   Preconstruction Project Visualization
  •   Improved Coordination and Clash Detection
  •   Reduced Cost and Mitigated Risk
  •   Improved Scheduling/Sequencing
  •   Increased Productivity and Prefabrication
  •   Safer Construction Sites
  •   Better Builds
  •   Stronger Facility Management and Building Handover

Uses Of BIM Services

Taking it further, post knowing the advantages of BIM services, let us have a look at some of the uses of Building Information Modeling Services, which again play a vital role in the construction industry as well to major in AEC industries.

  •   Visualization of the concept
  •   Clarifying the scope of the project
  •   Avoiding Clashes and Detections
  •   Partly Coordination in Trade
  •   Perfect Validation of Design
  •   Marketing Presentations
  •   Variety of options analysis
  •   Virtual updates
  •   In-depth understanding of the design and model

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